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Customized Plans for Groups and Families

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If you have an informal group or family of three or more who wish to support each others' wellness goals and maintain or improve the health of your relationship with each other, you may wish to create a custom set of services to meet your needs.  I am able to work with children as long as a legal guardian plays an active roll in the process. Book a free 30 minute consultation with me to discuss your particular needs. There will be a prep questionnaire for you to complete upon booking. 

List of sample services:

-Mind/body movement exercises and classes such as restorative movement and yoga

-Mindfulness and stress management techniques

-If available to work in person, bodywork/massage therapy 

-Guided visualizations/meditations 

-Healthy communication training

-Core value identification and application 

-Nutrition and supplement consultations 

-Techniques for improving emotional regulation and intelligence at different brain development stages 

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