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Support for Helping
Professionals and students 

Request training, event planning, or consulting to support the
well-being of your team, organization, or class in healthcare, social services, education, faith communities, etc to recovery from or prevent burnout. Virtual or in-person options available depending on circumstances. 

the founder, Adrienne, a causasian woman with black hair pulled back sitting at a white table with a laptop in front of her. She is smiling at the open laptop with a coffee cup left hand and her right hand is outstretched, palm up. There is a white candle next to the laptop.


Customized Courses for Students
  • Help your staff recover from burnout and build emotional and physical resiliency

  • Skill development for leaders to help them better care for themselves and their staff

  • Build a culture that improves health outcomes for both staff and consumers

Need Assessments, Plans, and Events for Professionals

  • Comprehensive Course in Resiliency Training

  • Burnout Prevention Lectures and Workshops


 $90-$120 per hour*

*Grant guidelines and other funding stipulations will be taken into consideration. Depending on the circumstances, services may not be charged by the hour.  Please use this rate as a way to give you an idea on pricing.

Looking for Individual support?

If you are a helping professional or student looking for individual support, consider booking a Wellness Support Session.

A need for comprehensive Resiliency training and care for helping professionals, students, and organizations

Caring for helping professionals, such as healthcare staff, social service providers, educators, faith community leaders, etc, and those training to work in these fields, has long been a passion of Adrienne's. She has worked in all of these fields, and has witnessed first-hand the frustrating and devastating consequences that result from lack of training and appropriate policies and procedures that prevent burnout.

With a drive to address these issues, while earning her master of public health degree, Adrienne focused her research on how to fill these gaps in education and implement burnout prevention training and curricula in organizations and educational programs. These practices train the mind and body to become more resilient and organizations to become more sustainable. She now applies her experience and expertise to support helping professionals, students, and organizations better care for themselves and those they serve.

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