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Sunset Moth Wellness

Sunset Moth Wellness provides socially-conscious wellness support and solutions through comprehensive health education and care. It serves the general population (both adults and children) and offers burnout recovery and prevention training to helping professionals and students. 

  • Provide wellness services that are available, accessible, and affordable to individuals and communities that come from a variety of circumstances

  • Employ a business model that:

-Works towards win-win solutions

-Engages in a cooperative approach with other wellness providers-we all NEED to depend on each other in order to thrive and to provide quality care to the world

-Applies a service style that emphasizes facilitation and adaptability


-Practices a communication style that strives to ensure others feel seen, heard, and personally empowered

Life cycle of a sunset moth in a circle. At 12 o'clock on the circle is a leaf with four eggs, then a curved arrow to 3 o'clock is a catapillar, then a curved line to 6 o'clock is a cocoon, then a curved line to 9 o'clock is a mature sunset moth, then a curved line back to the leaf. Graphic is black with a light blue background.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Sunset Moth Wellness is a place where all who are kind and respectful are welcome.
Whatever your race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, native language, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, marital status, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other characteristic that makes you you is welcome here! If your needs for any reason are outside of SMW's scope to best connect and care for you, I promise to make an honest effort to find you the right resource so you can receive the support you want and need. If you think I can improve upon how I communicate or serve you in order to be more accessible and inviting, please let me, Adrienne, know by sending an email to 

Advice from The Sunset Moth

A photograph of a mature sunset moth front facing with wings expanded on a light blue background.

Native only to Madagascar, sunset moths, chrysiridia rhipheus, in their adult forms, are colorful day flying moths. The legend in Malagasy culture is that sunset moths are their reincarnated ancestors, and because of this, in Malagasy they are called either Adriandolo  or Loloandriana meaning "noble spirit". To the founder, Adrienne, besides the wonderful coincidence that the Malagasy name has a similarity to her own, she chose this name for her wellness business because the sunset moth has much to teach us:

Relying on each other is our best shot at weathering this
journey of existence.

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