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Speciality Wellness Providers

Need complementary or other speciality wellness services? 

Check out these amazing providers.*

A photo Abigail Lauren, a carmel skinned Black woman with black curly hair pulled back in a large bun, looking to the left. She is smiling and her hands are in prayer position at her chest. She is wearing a long sleeve purple shirt with a collar.

 Abigail Lauren

Unusual Pearl-Yoga Wellness and Doula Care

Abigail is a registered yoga teacher and certified birth and postpartum doula based in Chicago offering services both virtually and in person. She brings a wealth of healthcare knowledge and intuition to her practice that supports health equity and birth justice.

A front facing photo of Sara McGaughey , a caucasian woman with medium brown hair past her shoulders.

Sara McGaughey L.Ac.

Little Bird Community Acupuncture- Community acupuncture

Sara is a licensed acupuncturist who offers community care at her clinic in Washington DC. During community acupuncture you receive treatments, clothed, in the same room as others while reclining in a chair. This community model allows Sara to charge a sliding scale rate per session. 

 a front facing photo of AnnMerle Feldman, a caucasian woman smiling with grey hair cut short above her ears wearing round frame glasses and a white t-shirt.

AnnMerle Feldman

Fierce Over 50- Body centered wellness support for women over 50 years old

AnnMerle is a body-centered, stress freedom coach.Through her Body Vitality Method, she teaches specialized movement and breathing techniques so that her Fierce Over 50 women can continue to be just who they want to be during the second half of their lives. Based in Chicago, she offers both virtual and in person support.

a photo of Rachel Morrison, a caucasian woman with dark brown hair to her shoulders front facing, smiling, weaing a dark blue long sleeved turtleneck shirt.

 Rachel Morrison

Rachel is the founder and owner of Mindful Movement DC, a Washington DC based wellness company built on the belief that healthy relationships with our bodies lead to an improved quality of life. A certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, Rachel offers group yoga and strength classes, private yoga sessions, personal training programs, meditation, and corporate wellness to meet the health and fitness needs of busy professionals and companies. She offers her services both virtually and in person.

Mindful Movement DC-Yoga, Strength Training, and Corporate Wellness

Sun Transparent Background. Viva Center .png

The Viva center

Holistic Mental Healthcare-a comprehensive mental health practice specializing in body-centered, non-verbal therapies

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Julie Lopez, The Viva Center is a dynamic community of trauma-informed wellness professionals with specialized postgraduate training in advanced brain/body/expressive non-verbal therapies such as EMDR, Brainspotting, expressive arts, reiki, yoga, internal family systems, body-based treatment, etc. Licensed in Washington DC, VA, MD, NC, CA, CT, DE, The Viva Center offers services both in-person and telehealth (virtual) sessions.  

*Sunset Moth Wellness and Adrienne Banks, herself, are not responsible or liable for services rendered by any providers listed.

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