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Exercises and Education

Here you can view informational videos Adrienne posts about wellness.
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Stress Management

Tough Here are five ways to move and breathe to release tense energy in your body

Learn more about supplementing collagen and vitamin c and how they are connected

Are you sick and broken or is your body doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing? Let's chat!

If you only do one stretch, do this one!

Forms of B Vitamins: B12 and Folate

Recovering from Burnout:
Two Brain-training Exercises to get Started

Slideshow: The healthiest position while
working at a computer

Slideshow: Facts about produce in the
United States 2022

Slideshow: Stress management pro tip-
don't delay bodily needs

Slideshow: Knees, elbows or wrists bothering you, but you didn't injure them? Here may be the reason why.

Slideshow: Helpful Nutrients to take when recovery from an injury or surgery

Slideshow: Stress management pro tip-
vocalize your exhale

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