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MEET Adrienne

Located in Washington DC, Adrienne Banks (she, her), MPH, HHP is the founder and service provider for Sunset Moth Wellness. She is a health educator, holistic health practitioner, and public health professional specializing in cross-cultural community health. What makes her unique in the wellness world is her ability to find healthcare solutions from both the holistic and medical models as well as her experience in both direct service work and organizational management.  


Her passion, and area of expertise, is in burnout recovery and prevention. The lack of opportunities in our collective society to learn empowering communication and emotional regulation skills, as well as good faith and sustainable policies and procedures in organizations has contributed to a growing healthcare crisis. Through her work, Adrienne strives to play a role in addressing this.

Her favorite ways to manage her own well-being are authentically telling people how she is doing when they ask, cooking, yoga, sighing loudly, taking walks, and having long conversations about the meaning of life with her friends and family.

Photo of the founder, Adrienne- caucasian woman with black hair pulled back in a button down plaid long sleeved shirt in maroon and teal; light brick background

Master of Public Health (MPH) in Community Health Sciences and Global Health
(University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012-2014)

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) Certification in Holistic Counseling and Therapeutic Massage
(Body Mind College, 2007-2009)


Massage Therapy Certification and Licensure (LMT)
(California, 2009, National, 2019, Washington DC License: #MT2525)


Yoga Teacher Certification in Hatha and Vinyasa styles 
(School Yoga Institute, 2013)


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification 
(Virginia, 2005, National, 2008)

Bachelor of Arts in Medical Sociology
(Randolph-Macon College, 2002-2006) 


Operations Manager

Using a public health approach, Adrienne has successfully developed and improved processes, procedures, and technology and financial tools at organizations. She has also organized and executed events ranging from groups less than 10 to 1000+.  Adrienne has worked with all levels of employees in a variety of fields, but especially in the fields of healthcare, social services, and education, to holistically build thriving systems.


Adrienne originally went to school to become a teacher and has taught in a variety of settings throughout her career. She has a strong background in curriculum development and teaching to different learning styles and has taught students of different ages (children and adults), backgrounds, and abilities, both in person and virtually.  Adrienne has developed and taught the following wellness classes: restorative movement, mindfulness, social emotional learning/emotional intelligence, nutrition, personal fitness, and yoga.


Holistic Health Practitioner/Massage Therapist

Since 2009, Adrienne has helped a variety of clients of different ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and identities meet their wellness needs by:

  • Facilitating healing from surgery, chronic injury or illness, and physical and emotional trauma

  • Supporting healthy nervous system regulation

  • Improving athletic performance

  • Providing prenatal and postnatal pregnancy support 

  • Sharing healthy lifestyle recommendations

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Adrienne has provided emergency and basic healthcare evaluation and treatment to community residents, long term care patients, prisoners, drop-in clinic patients, and employees at workplace health fairs.

Apothecary Technician

Along with the training in herbal medicine, nutrition and supplementation Adrienne received in holistic health school, she also interned under integrative medical doctors at multiple clinics in multiple countries. In these positions she learned how to safely and effectively include herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and diet recommendations to create integrative and culturally-senstive treatment plans.



Adrienne has worked in the following locations: a variety of cities in Virginia, Washington DC, San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL, Panajachel, Guatemala, and Ha'apai, Tonga.

You can check out a more comprehensive resume for Adrienne at LinkedIn:


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