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The Story Behind the Name


I first learned about the sunset moth, native only to Madagascar, in November 2019 when I pulled this card from an intuitive card deck I own called Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild while doing a meditation on my spiritual name. Not that I wanted to go by a new name, but rather it was a meditation on detachment from self and an imagination experiment. I find it to be a useful personal development exercise. 

So I pulled this card that showed an artistic rendition of what I came to find out was a sunset moth (pictured above). The fast facts are that in its adult form, it is a day flying moth that is colorful, or rather the sun refracts on its wings, making it look colorful. As a caterpillar it eats the poisonous omphalea plant, but instead of getting sick it then becomes poisonous itself. They roost together in groups for protection, just like most butterflies do. So although it has many characteristics of butterflies it has the distinct life cycle of other moths and other physical characteristics that put it squarely in the moth family as humans have defined them in taxonomy. 

Within Malagasy culture they are legended to be reincarnated ancestors and because of this in Malagasy they are called either Adriandolo or Loloandriana meaning "noble spirit". When I read this I couldn't believe what a strange and fun coincidence that I did a meditation on my spiritual name and essentially came back to my own.

So fast forward to two days later and I am sitting on my floor, as I do, working on  my laptop, trying to decide if I was really ready to start this five year dream of starting my own business. The card deck was also on the floor next me as I had yet to put it back on my bookshelf. As I was deciding if I was going to spend money on a website and get started, a common house moth came out of nowhere and landed on the floor on top of the card deck. I had not seen any moths in the house since August and even then they were a rarity. Also, the moths never landed on the floor; they always stayed up near the ceiling. It was pretty crazy, so I thought ok let's do this thing! 

I still ended up waiting until August 2020 (there was a certain world event that disrupted my plans) to really put in the work of starting this business and I finally launched in March 2022.

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