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Healthy Relationships: Touching While Talking

As a massage therapist, I know a thing or two about the healing power of touch. If you have someone in your life who you feel safe to touch, consider touching while talking with them. Of course ask for permission, and try any kind of touch: holding hands, hand on arm, feet touching, arm around shoulder, there are many possibilities. I once had someone tell me that whenever she and her husband had a tough discussion they made sure they were touching each other while they were having it. It kept them both more level headed and compassionate with each other while they had the discussion. You don’t need to be having a tough discussion to practice this, nor does it have to be with an intimate partner. It can be a chit chat with a friend or sibling. No matter how you use this activity, the goal is to calm the mind and body, so as long as that is happening, you are both having a restorative experience.

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