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Slowing Down: Attend to bodily needs as soon as possible

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Have you ever decided you were too tired to brush your teeth before going to sleep, held your urine for 20 extra minutes so you could finish a task, skipped a meal because you ran out of time to eat, or didn't refill your water bottle because you couldn't be bothered to get up? Attending to your bodily needs as soon as possible is a commonly overlooked restorative activity, but choosing to care for yourself right when you need to can do wonders to your ability to handle stressful situations. One major reason is because your body can now give more of its energy towards handling what life is throwing at you, instead of splitting its energetic reserves with also, say, needing to pee. Of course, there are times when circumstances are out of your control. However, there may be many times when they are in your control and you still choose not to care for your body right away. Prioritizing the care of your bodily needs transforms you into a calmer, more relieved version of yourself. Anyones who ever gets “hangry” knows what I’m talking about.

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