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Energizing: Create Art for Fun

Paint, color, draw, craft, create some kind of physical art for the sake of low stakes creativity, curiosity, and playfulness. You may have to practice making this one restorative for you if you have perfectionist tendencies. If you DO have perfectionist tendencies this is probably just what you need, but you may need to work up to it. If making art is causing you stress, step away, and try again another time.

I debating on whether to make this an energizing activity or a slowing down one because you can, for example, meditatively color or create a mandala for restoration, but I'll expand on those activities in another post.

Example of creating art for fun: One day years ago my sister and I were chatting on the phone. I don't quite remember why but my sister jokingly ask me what she should do with her time. I think probably she was procrastinating because she wasn't feeling up to taking care of her obligations, whatever they were. I jokingly responded, "draw me a sunset on the beach!" So as a joke my sister actually drew me a sunset on the beach with pastels and mailed it to me. She didn't tell me she was doing this, so I when I got it in the mail it took me a moment to realize why she had sent me art. When I realized what the art was I laughed so much!

Not only was creating the art restorative for my sister because it had a low stakes outcome (my sister knew no matter what the art looked like I would be entertained by the joke), but it also evoked joy, humor and beauty in her- all restorative elements. Receiving of the art was restorative for me too because it also evoked joy, humor, and beauty just in a different way. I still have this drawing up in my bedroom and each time I look at it it still evokes a restorative effect. PS-I have her blessing to post her art.

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