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Energizing: Rock Climbing

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Sport rock climbing (using a harness and rope) or bouldering (no rope, but shorter climbs) requires pointed focus, problem solving, and the engagement of your entire body both in strength and in cardiovascular endurance. I like this for a restorative activity because of how present you have to be with your body.

Like any sport, this activity is most restorative when you're not engaging in it for high stakes competition even with yourself.

Rock climbing or bouldering, which can be performed either in nature on actual rocks or inside in a rock climbing gym, can be as social as you want it to be either puzzling out on your own or having friends help you solve the projects.

With sport rock climbing, you work with a buddy, one climbs while the other controls the rope length connected to the climber's harness. Both roles gives you the opportunity to practice present mindfulness.

With bouldering you can boulder solo or with a buddy depending on what brings you more enjoyment at the time. Accomplishing a low stakes physical goal is sometimes more restorative when you accomplish it alone, and sometimes it's more restorative when you are working together with someone else.

Check out these videos of both solo and buddy bouldering for restorative care.

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